My Design Process and Approach


My goal in creating your brand identity and digital web experience is to make it truly unique. Too often, businesses end up looking similar, but with my custom approach, featuring hand-drawn illustrations and dynamic web pages, your website will stand out from the rest


I infuse creativity into all custom elements I design for your visuals. My process emphasizes a balance of creativity and thoughtfulness. My website’s mantra, “Keep it wild, yet simple,” reflects this approach.

Dynamic Experience

As we’ve discussed, creativity plays a vital role in your business. However, it’s important not to overlook the experience of your brand identity. To ensure that it’s truly memorable, I focus on making it dynamic and timeless, so it never becomes outdated.

Brand design

Creating a Unique Identity

The foundation of any successful business is strong branding. A well-designed logo and brand identity can help you create a memorable experience for your customers. Our branding design package is perfect for new businesses looking to establish a consistent brand message and image, as well as those looking to refresh their current brand identity. It includes guidance on the appropriate use of brand colors, fonts, and logos.

Website Design and Branding

Website Design and Development for a Distinct Online Identity

While managing your brand identity is critical, your online presence is just as important. In today’s digital age, your business is not limited to a physical location. My innovative process allows you to use your website to create a unique digital experience that helps you connect with clients in new ways, set yourself apart from the competition, and increase your online presence.

Looking for something different?

Book a discovery call with me to have a conversation about your business goals and explore ways to effectively represent your brand online. Together, we can find the best approach to enhance your online presence and achieve your objectives.

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Yay, I finally posted my reel! It took me a while because I had a bunch of other things to get done and I’ve also been busy working on some new projects. But I gotta say, I really enjoyed putting this brief together. 

The carousel post coming soon

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Hey there! Have you ever stopped to think about how important packaging is? Well, let me tell you 

- it’s pretty amazing! Packaging does so much more than just hold a product together. It actually helps to protect the product from damage, promote it to potential buyers, make it easy for consumers to use, and even contribute to sustainability efforts. 

How cool is that?

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The Gradient Tool in Adobe Illustrator is my fav ever, it help me to smooth transitions between colors. Here’s how to use it:

Select the Gradient Tool from the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Click and drag on your artboard to create a gradient.

To adjust the colors of your gradient, click on the Gradient panel located on the right side of the screen.

You can choose between different types of gradients, such as linear, radial, or freeform, and adjust the angle and direction of your gradient.

To add additional colors to your gradient, click on the gradient slider and then click on the color stop that you want to change.

Use the Color panel to select a new color for the stop.

You can also adjust the opacity and position of each color stop to create more complex gradients.

That’s it! With the Gradient Tool in Illustrator, You can create beautiful, custom gradients for your designs.

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To begin creating a cohesive brand identity on packaging or any other support, I first consider the industry of the brand. Patterns are an excellent way to achieve this, so I start by conducting a thorough search for inspiration. Then, I either sketch my ideas by hand or directly in Illustrator to bring my vision to life. To avoid overwhelming the design, I limit myself to creating one or two key elements and carefully selecting no more than four colors. Next, I test the design on a mockup to ensure it looks visually appealing and consistent with the brand’s identity. Finally, I recommend printing and creating a physical prototype of the packaging to confirm that the colors and shapes are perfect.

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