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Building a brand identity

Building a brand is not a trivial thing and it is not just the logo, or the tagline or the visual elements to represent it. It takes much more than that and involves the essential planning of your company from the beginning up to the moment when it's established, including those factors which today we often refer to as "soft". The Brand Design Process is a great resource to help you create a personal brand that directly reflects your values, passions and personality.

To explain well the Brand as a distinctive company or product, where it is recognized by customers and it is not only a name but also a certain image, attribute and symbol. The presence of these characteristics creates value for the company, which significantly increases its competitiveness within the market and attracts customers.

Branding is a complex puzzle of multiple factors that come into play. In order to achieve high awareness and recognition, we create a strategy for introducing your company’s product or service to the global market. We will help you develop a brand identity including visual elements, mottos, etc., write down positioning strategies - the main idea why consumers should choose your product over another similar one - and support their dissemination through social media campaigns, ads in print media and more.

Branding creative process steps

Here some elements which represent the main branding steps in the creative process

Elaborate branding strategy, the market research comprehension (creation of ideal customer persona profile, make analysis of target audience, investigate on competitors)

Setting up a team of professionals; brand identity creation, generate a unique style (visual elements, mottos, etc.), spread and support the brand awareness ...

Brand design process steps

Brand identity includes these important elements

1- Logo design: the fondamental element that represents your brand it should be unique, ensure your logo is correctly presented and of equal quality on every channel of visualization (webpage, social media, printed materials, etc.).

2- Color Palette: Colors tell customers about your company, each color has its own meaning and conveys a different feeling to your audience, stimulates people to take risks while yellow can stimulate feelings of optimism and hope. Specialists also advise not to use too many colors while creating a brand.

3- Typography: The typefaces you use represent a visual indicators of the identity, that's a wise decision to elaborate your own font.

4- The brand graphics elements: the creation of icons images illustrations or patterns that accompany the brand on print media or on the web social media for example reinforce the identity of your business and make it easy to recognize.


I'll show you my brand design process, the execution of ideas and strategies put in place, then how I design the logo and which programs I use, the choice of colors and the creation of the packaging, have fun watching the video.

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